Who I Am and Why I Am Here

This blog is my place to ponder theology in relationship to being a woman. 

The process of being transformed into the image of Christ has been painful and slow, painfully slow as I look back over my life, but progressing nonetheless, though I still have so far to go.  But it has also been joyful and adventurous, though persistently challenged by the fight against the flesh - involving hormones!  

Hormones - both the blessing and curse of being a woman - how often have I found them causing me to cry out "Oh wretched woman that I am, who will rescue me from this body of death!  But thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 7:24).  He designed us this way for a reason.  While raising teenagers and simultaneously entering the season of menopause, I am looking to Jesus to show me not only how to endure but to become the woman He is transforming me to be (without hurting people in the process!). 

I'm a woman, a wife, a mom.  I am an environmental scientist by day and a theologian by night, though I try to integrate the theology into everything I do.  I am loved, freed, and chosen by my Lord Jesus Christ through his grace toward me as a sinner. 

It is unlikely that I fit into a neat box of labels, but to give you some idea of where I stand in my beliefs as I study the Word of God, one might classify me as Reformed, Conservative, and Complementarian  (?), no, nevermind, I don't fit necessarily fit in those boxes anymore.  

My passion for theology stems from the work involved in the Master of Arts in Theology that I earned from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I was raised as a Southern Baptist, but in recent years, I would not fit myself in that box either.  The church I now attend is non-denominational.  

My occupation as an Environmental Scientist began when I acquired a Master of Environmental Science from the University of Oklahoma in 1995.  My fascination with nature as a child culminated in a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Oklahoma Baptist University.  

I don't consider these qualifications for theological ponderings. Only Jesus qualifies me through knowing Him, and I dedicate this blog to Him.