How to Memorize an Entire Book of the Bible

In Beth Moore’s Bible study, Mercy Triumphs, Beth challenges her students to not only write out the entire book of James through the course of 7 weeks, but to also memorize the entire book over five months or longer.  She says the key to memorizing large portions of Scripture is to “abide” with God, and she uses the letters in the word "abide" to describe how to do it:
A –  Ask.  Ask God for the ability to memorize and to have His living Word in us.  He wants to give it to us.  When we memorize, the mind is captive to Christ.
B – Believe.  Believe you can do it! In the captivated mind we find a power we never knew was possible.  God’s Word is set up for memory work.
I – Increase.  Increase the portion you are memorizing each week from a translation of your choice that speaks most to you.  When memorizing chapters, you must treat them differently than verses.  She recommends printing out one chapter at a time and laminating it. Set goals that work for you. Don’t leave it open-ended, and be willing to extend the goal if you need to.  Plan on one chapter per month, several verses per week. The first week you will memorize several verses, then the next week you will review the previous verses while memorizing a few more.
D – Determine.  Determine to set a time every day to practice.  Practicing requires discipline.  She practices while exercising, setting her page in front of her on the treadmill.
E – Enjoy it! Even if you don’t get every single word, the Word is accomplishing something in you.  The Word sets us free when our thoughts get caught in the muck.
If you have a chance to do this study, be sure to listen to the segment on the DVD where she recites the book of James from memory – totally awesome!!

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  1. I'm doing this Bible study and I would love to be able to memorize the whole book of James. It seems impossible for me. But I got chills just reading this blog post about doing it!! Maybe even I can really do (with Jesus' help).

  2. I have finished the bible study and want to teach to my teen girls in the youth group. I felt really pressed that I could do this so here I go!!!!

  3. Youtube user "aFathersDream" has The book of James and Jude in a memory palace. Very easy to learn. You can see the first video here

    I was able to memorize the whole book of James this way, I am currently working through Jude :)