Heaven Revealed, by Paul Enns - Book Review

I’ve heard it said that we should not be so heavenly-minded that we do no earthly good.  And I’ve wondered – how is that even possible?  Paul Enns, seminary professor, turns it on its head and counters it with the idea that “unless you are heavenly minded, you won’t be any earthly good”. 

We don’t talk much about heaven, but God gives us glimpses of what heaven will be like, not just to offer us comfort and encouragement as we journey through this life, but so that we can walk through life purposefully with an eternal perspective.  When Dr. Enns lost his wife at age 65, his thoughts were consumed with heaven.  He had questions and discovered that the Bible had plenty of answers.  The result of his research through examining the Bible for descriptions of heaven culminates in his book Heaven Revealed: What Is It Like? What Will We Do? And 11 Other Things You’ve Wondered About. 

In the first half of the book, he describes what and where heaven is, the relationship of heaven to the Millennium and the new heaven and earth and what they will be like (explained from a pretribulation/premillennial point-of- view).  In the second half of the book, he describes what life will be like in heaven, what we will do, what we will remember, and what our relationships will be like.  He draws his answers from a variety of passages and verses in the Bible.

This book is matter-of-face, not flowery, yet Dr. Enns personalizes with illustrations entwined with Scripture.  Dr. Enns admits to writing as a Biblicist, piecing together different verses in order to connect them into a puzzle picture of heaven.  While I may not agree entirely with his approach, assumptions, or conclusions, overall he accomplishes his goal of showing how to live with an eternal perspective and hope of heaven in order to strengthen us and enable us to live wisely.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Moody Press in exchange for my honest review.