It's Not About Me - Book Review

“God will heal you if you just have faith,” claim well-meaning Christian friends.  I have no doubt He is omnipotent and capable, but He hasn’t done it yet, and what if He doesn’t? Does it mean my faith has failed, or that God has failed me? I know the answer is “no,” but it’s easier to accept when I remember that it’s not about me.  It’s about God.  God’s priority is His glory, and my job is to make Him look great, even in the face of suffering.  A hospital room or difficult medical procedure can be the showcase.  “Your faith in the face of suffering cranks up the volume of God’s song,” declares Max Lucado in his book It’s Not About Me: Rescue from the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy.

Before I read It’s Not About Me, I already knew it wasn’t about me, but now I have a stronger grip on just exactly what it IS about.  First, Max Lucado explains why it’s all about God and why God’s desire for glory is not egotistical.  If you are drowning in the cold dark sea after your ship just sank and a lifeboat approaches, you need the pilot of the lifeboat to let you know that he is there, he is strong, and he can save you! The passengers want the pilot to reveal himself.  In the same way, we need to witness God’s glory for our own good. 

In the second half, Max illustrates practical ways we can live out our purpose of reflecting God – in our work, struggles, successes, salvation, and even our bodies.  A study guide divided into sections that coincide with each chapter at the back of the book provides the opportunity to reflect on the theme and meditate on applicable Scripture.

The nuggets of simplified truth in this book have the potential to transform your thinking.  I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a boost in focusing eyes upward instead of inward. This quick and easy-to-read book fell into my hands at just the time I needed its message the most – a time when I must unselfishly and sacrificially set my self and my agenda aside for a season, maybe perhaps so that I can learn to do this for a lifetime. 

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  1. Thank you for this review Paula . . . I was looking for a book to review next . . . this one looks like it's it! Blessings to you!