Pray without Ceasing

On the elliptical machine, in the car driving down the road, in the middle of a conversation with her son—these are the places where my friend Laura ‘hears’ God speak to her.  In the morning, with coffee mug in one hand and Bible in the other – this is where I expect God to speak to me. 

Last Saturday morning, I was thinking about how I know God speaks to me through His Word, but I wanted to ‘hear’ Him speaking regularly in the midst of my work and in the mundane activities too, like Laura.  Perhaps this is what it means to pray without ceasing - to be consciously aware of God’s active present, whether driving or waiting, and thinking His thoughts according to what we know of Him, then just listen and observe.     

That afternoon while doing yard work alongside my husband, he had a heart attack.  I don't remember verbalizing words to God but I know I leaned on Him to guide my decisions.  As I bowed my head while the hospital staff worked on him furiously, God was near. While I was unable to cry out to Him verbally, He entered into an exchange of wordless conversation, a trading of emotions.  I handed Him my fear. He filled me with peace and strength.

My friend Kirsti's mother slipped on into heaven last week.  Unable to open the Word of God, listen to music, or even verbalize a prayer at times, she grieves with Him in groans.  And He hears her.  He holds her up and helps her to keep taking the next step.  A conversation with God does not have to use words.

Two ears, one tongue.  Pray without ceasing - listening twice as much as speaking - with or without words...

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  1. I am so sorry that happened to you and your husband. How true that God speaks to us in our hours of need. And how true becomes his promise of Psalm 34:18. He is close the brokenhearted and those crushed in spirit.

    I appreciate that you share what God is teaching you about Him. Many times, when our spirits our greatly distressed we can't find the words to express ourselves but the Holy Spirit speaks for us.

    God is good. No matter what happens. And for those who put their trust in Him, there is joy and peace both now and throughout eternity.