Tell Me a Story - Book Review

People throughout history have loved stories.  Even today, our technologically-savvy current consumes books and movies voraciously.  We are not only entertained by them; they strike something in our soul, evoke emotion, and express our joys and fears.  God speaks to us in stories in the Bible, stories that are woven together in one big Story.  And we each have our own story that links up with His.

Story is who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.  As Christ followers, we are given the calling to be story tellers, witnesses of the big Story.  In the book Tell Me a Story: Finding God (and Ourselves) through Narrative, Scott McClellan shows how we are part of God’s great story and challenges us to think about what story we are going to tell.  He helps us to look at the elements of our own story and compels us to be faithful in sharing it as part of God’s great story.  We are not called to change the world, but rather, to be witnesses and to tell the story in whatever time and place we find ourselves.

I read this book while a new chapter in my own personal life story was being developed. The timing was impeccable – it helped me to make sense of the apparent chaos and to sort through how I would tell this chapter of my story as part of God’s story with wisdom, faith, and discernment. 

This short and easy-to-read book gives perspective and challenges the reader to live and witness intentionally with purpose.  I highly recommend this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Moody Press in exchange for my honest review.

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