Home Behind the Sun - Book Review

Rather than waiting for the next big event or circumstance, I want to find significance in the daily slog, to discover the beauty, mystery, and thrill of life even in the mundane.  In the book Home Behind the  Sun: Connect with God in the Brilliance of the Everyday, by Timothy Willard and Jason Locy, the authors show how they see God’s brilliance in their daily lives and how it inspires them to live it out.  We can see the wonder of God’s glory through the kaleidoscope lens of belief rather than shuffling along with eyes to the ground, absorbed only with the things right in front of us. This book is a collection of essays in a journey to brilliance in the everyday in work, in parenting, in forgiving, etc. 

There are some truths that I will carry with me long after I put this book on the shelf.  Too often, when we grow older, our hearts shrink. Through their stories, they show how forgiveness is not a process, but a way of life.  Our faith ought to clarify the more we age, as God is shaping us and making His desires become ours. 

I found especially convicting that there should not be a dichotomy between the way we work and the way we leisure.  Do both with enjoyment and worship, tend toward discipline, detail, and perseverance (page 137).  We can extend the gospel of Christ into every facet of life, and then God’s brilliance overwhelms and compels us through the shadows. 

This book is beauty in itself with the words poetically woven and stretching my imagination.  It is uplifting, inspiring, and eye-opening – all the things I love to find in a book that helps me to see life a little bit differently.   

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Books in exchange for my honest review.

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