Stained Glass Hearts - Book Review

I’ve heard great things about Patsy Clairmont’s humor and ability to apply the Bible to the lives of women, so I decided to read her book Stained Glass Hearts: Seeing Life from a Broken Perspective.  I must admit that I expected her witty writing to be shallow, but I was delighted to discover that I was wrong.
Through her personal life stories of brokenness and difficulty, Patsy Clairmont displays how God can take our broken pieces and mold them into stained glass beauty that brings Him glory.  Each chapter closes with a section called “Art Gallery” where she references works of art that you can peruse on the internet – art that stirred her heart and connects with the chapter’s themes  - paintings, puzzles, music, poems, museums, etc. She shows how we can reflect on God’s beauty through the artistic talent given to human hands in various cultures.
If you asked me how this book was organized or what it was about specifically, I would have to thumb through the pages to review it, and even then I might be stumped. It’s like an abstract piece of art, or more like a bunch of colorful globs of paint thrown randomly onto a canvas. While I found it delightful and easy to read, it seemed fragmented and consisted of very little sense of organization.  If you are already a Patsy Clairmont fan or if you are looking for something meaningful to pass by the time, then I would recommend this book.
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