"Remember Who You Are"

"Remember who you are."
My parents said those words repeatedly when I left the house to go places as  a teenager.  I don’t recall exactly what they meant, but I think it had something to do with properly representing the family name. 
Like the clichés “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” or “this will hurt me more than it will hurt you”, it never occurred to me that I would ever repeat “remember who you are” to my own children. 
Yet, those simple words flew out of my mouth last Friday night as my daughter stepped out the door to go to a high school football game and dance.  A million things that I wanted to say went through my mind, but in the brief moment of opportunity to speak, those four words popped out of my mouth. I wonder what she thought I meant when she called out “I will” as she crossed the threshold into the world.
If I could think faster and had a few extra minutes, when I said “Remember who you are,” I really wanted to say:
     Remember that you have the light of Jesus in you. Remember not to conceal it but to find ways to let it shine.
     Remember you are a child of God and He is always by your side to give you courage and to show you how to demonstrate His love to others.
     Remember He is ready to give you courage to take the narrow path and to live in purity.
     Remember that in a moment, in a split-second decision, all of life can change, but if you follow God’s ways and seek His guidance in every step you take, you will be able to walk in confidence no matter what happens.
    Remember, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You are supposed to be different.
   Remember the more you let your light shine, the darkness will retreat!
Become what you are becoming.  Be who you are!


  1. I think that is *wonderful* advice to our children. My children aren't old enough to be going out on their own yet, but I will be hanging on to this. I can remember going out with my friends and morphing to be who would fit in with that crowd. That's not a good thing.

    Actually, I think that's great advice for anyone--in a world that holds so many expectations, we need to remember everything you listed in your post. :)

  2. Remember Who You are... I really like what you posted. He empowers us to shine His light...


  3. I am planning to give my daughter a "promise ring" when she is in her teens. A ring to always to help remind that she has promised her heart to God at all times and to honor Him in all she does.

  4. Love this post. I tell my children this all the time. Sometimes I get my "gangsta" on and say "represent" they know I mean family and Jesus Christ. I hope they will remember those words and more importantly follow through on the intent of those words. Thanks for sharing this. Wish someone would have been there to tell me to "remember who you are" or to show me "who I was" back in the day. I spent years wondering who I was, acting like a camilian (sp?) adapting to whatever friend I was hanging with at the time. No clue who Jesus was or that He loved me. So thankful that my girls have been raised in a home where they have heard the truth and hopefully seen it not only taught but lived out. So thankful that I'm a child of the King and my Mom is too (better late than never). Have a great day. I love your blog!