Getting a Grip When under Attack

An accusatory text message, an assuming e-mail, a discovery of a lie or a bit of deceit… my initial knee-jerk reaction can turn the raindrop into a torrential downpour.  In this season of my life, I have been showered by small unexpected offenses that have the potential to evolve into damaging floods of emotion if I don’t pull out my umbrella of counsel from the Word of God.  With God’s counsel, I am becoming better at distinguishing the words that manipulate – words intended to cause guilt in order to maneuver for control.  Even more, God helps me to see through His perspective and enables me to get a glimpse from their shoes. Then the umbrella of grace, understanding and forgiveness deflects the words and keeps me from measuring the depth of offense.

But sometimes I am so slow to anger, it would almost seem my reaction is delayed as I mull over the assault.  Then it begins to gradually simmer and then boil up inside of me until I am no longer able to focus on my work. I start to question what is true. I question myself. I try to recall the history of progression. I mull over the facts versus the assumptions.  At some point, though, I have to get a grip on the barrage of thoughts and emotions. Ultimately, I want strength, Truth, and for my every thought and step to be in line with God’s will and purpose.    

I keep this prayer at my desk for times like these. It helps me feel strong, seek truth, and binds up my thoughts and emotions so that I don’t lose control:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind my body, soul and spirit to the will and the purpose of God.  I bind myself to the truth of God.  I bind myself to an awareness of the power of the blood of Jesus working in my life every day.  I bind my mind to the mind of Christ that I can have the thoughts, purposes and feelings of His heart in me.  I bind my feet to the paths you have ordained for me to walk, God, that my steps will be strong and steady.  I bind myself to the work of the cross with all of its mercy, truth, love, power, forgiveness and dying to self.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind  Satan and I loose his hold on everything he has ever stolen from me.  I rebuke his works and loose the power and effects of every deception, device, and influence he wants to bring against me.

Lord, I repent of having wrong attitudes and thoughts, I renounce them now and ask forgiveness.  I loose every old, wrong pattern of thinking, attitude, idea, desire, belief, habit, and behavior that may still be working in me.  I tear down, crush, smash, and destroy every stronghold I have erected to protect them. I bind myself to the overcoming behavior and spiritual desires that line up with the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Father, I loose any strongholds in my life protecting wrong feelings I have against anyone.  Forgive me as I forgive those who have caused me pain, loss, or grief.  I loose any desires for retribution, or redress. 

In the name of Jesus, I loose the power and the effects of any harsh or hard words spoken about me or by me. I loose any strongholds connected with them. I loose all generational bondages and their strongholds from myself.

Thank you, Jesus, that you have promised whatsoever I bind and loose on earth will be bound and loosed in heaven.

(If you know the source, let me know so I can credit the author)

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