The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher

Piano lessons were a big part of my life from age 6 through 18, and while I did not pursue music in college, the time I had invested continues to be enriching.  Having had the opportunity to teach my own children, nieces, and a few neighbor kids just for fun, I was delighted when KM Logan asked me to read and review her new book “The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher: How to Teach Piano for the glory of God”.
This practical book tackles all kinds of issues in a format with concrete questions and succinct, hands-on answers.  She covers preliminary aspects, business aspects, and studio aspects in 41 questions such as:

·         Should I teach?
·         How much should I charge?
·         How do I handle collecting payment?
·         How do I obtain and retain students?
·         How do I keep a lesson notebook?
·         What should my studio policies be?
·         Should I have a recital?
I personally found her first chapter, “Can Teaching the Piano Really Affect the Kingdom of God” the most powerful and inspiring.  If I had thought about the influence of teaching piano as something bigger beyond just teaching some music, I might have been a more diligent teacher. 
If you are thinking about teaching music, not just piano but any musical instrument, this is a useful resource for the beginning teacher.  The book is available for sale at, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


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