It's Called Grace

 It’s moving relationally toward a person when they have wronged you. 
It’s opening the door of your heart when every part of you wants to close it. 
It’s engaging when you have every right to disengage.
It’s offering help when someone’s actions have violated everything you believe in, hope for, and want for that person. 
It’s staying involved in the relationship when someone has violated your rules, ignored your advice, or hurt you through lies, deceit, and manipulation.
To love someone when you have been wronged is tough, but it’s essential in communicating a love that is beyond your capability. 
It’s a love that will win out if you don’t quit.  Even if you don’t feel like it.
When you feel good about giving grace, it probably isn’t grace.
(excerpted from Tough Guys and Drama Queens , by Mark Gregston, page 170).

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  1. "When you feel good about giving grace it probably isn't grace."

    What a profound comment!! I'm beginning work on a series on grace for sometime later this year. This quote will have to make it in there some time. Thanks. wb