Are You a Jesus Stalker?

While driving last week and listening to the radio, I heard a discussion on being a “Jesus stalker”.  It stopped my thoughts in their tracks - a Jesus stalker? If all you do is read the Bible or go to church or memorize Scripture, gathering information about Jesus but not actually talking to Him, then maybe you area Jesus stalker.  Collecting all the information you can without pursuing a relationship is stalkerish.
The analogy of the stalker falls apart, though.  Usually a stalker wants a relationship but for some reason feels like he can’t have it.  God is not like a stalker victim.  He is the one pursuing the relationship with us but leaves it up to us as to whether we respond, or even notice. But He’s not the stalker, either. He doesn’t harass us into a relationship with him.
The point of the failed analogy, though, is that without love and without being in relationship with God, all the studying, learning, and memorizing is cold.  Meaningless.  Opening your Bible in the morning to read before you begin the rest of your day, but just checking it off your list of things done may be a good start but God desires something a little different with us. He wants connection, interaction.
As an academic type, I love studying the Bible and memorizing passages, but time spent in prayer on a daily basis doesn’t come so easily for me – and I’m not talking about the shot-gun prayers on the run, but the intentional setting aside of time to connect with Him and have a two-way conversation with Him. Here are some things I am practicing to make my devotional time every morning more interactive:
·        Using Scripture memory as a tool for meditation, listening, and prayer ;
·        Praying Scripture that I’m reading/studying in the form of praise, thanksgiving, confession, and/or request;
·        Asking God to show me ways I can put a memorized verse or passage that I read into practice that day and then letting Him guide my thoughts and ideas;
·        Singing or meditating using music into my devotional time;
·        Listening to Misty Edwards, Jesus Culture, or other similar genre on YouTube and letting God speak to me through pictures or impressions on my heart as I sing along the simple (and repetitive  lyrics of praise to Him).
What are some ways you really connect with the Father in your quiet time?


  1. This is a good reminder, Paula. I read a Psalm, something that doesn't require too much mental effort and connects with my spirit and emotional. Sometimes later in the day I just sit quietly for five minutes or so, just imagining Jesus right there with me, the Holy Spirit's presence.

    I tend to be like you, reading, memorizing, etc., so it's good to connect on a spiritual, emotional level.

  2. I think Jesus is stalking me..
    He has been at my side alot lately I know it.. and I am grateful..

  3. It could also refer to a person who stalks a non-believer, especially a former member of their church, with non-stop "Jesus Loves You!" messages and Bible passages in hope of drawing them back into their former relationship.

    Stalkers presume to know what's best for their victims, but in the end it really is all about their own needs.

    1. Very good point, Lance. And well said - for stalkers, it is really all about their own needs. People who harass someone with Bible passages and "praying for you" and incessant "Jesus loves you" messages are't stalking Jesus, but pushing their own agendas on the non-believer/former member. Or maybe they push their beliefs on others because someone told them this is how to 'evangelize' and 'witness', but all it does is alienate. You may have given me an idea for another blog post! Thanks!