Why Memorize Scripture? 9 Ways Memorizing Scripture Speeds up the Transformation Process

Whether you regularly memorize Scripture or need something to prod you to start, it helps to remember the purpose in order to keep going, as with any discipline such as healthy eating and exercising. 

Knowing that memorizing Scripture is one of many avenues that God uses to transform me to become more like Jesus, reminding myself of the following paybacks inspires me to keep pursuing it:
1.    It strengthens your prayer life and connection with God.
2.   It increases the vocabulary through which the Holy Spirit speaks into your life.
3.   It changes your perspective, outlook, and attitude.
4.   It helps you overcome worry and gives you victory over sin.
5.   It equips you for serving and ministering to others.
6.   It assists you in knowing and living God’s will for you.
7.   It solidifies your faith and enhances your confidence and assurance.
8.   It provides you with greater understanding in studying the Bible as you understand Scripture in light of other Scripture.
9.   It develops your mind so that it becomes more alert and observant.


  1. Excellent post! Love it and am sharing on my Facebook Page! Wonderfully listed!

    1. Thank you! More lists on this topic coming this week!

  2. These area great reasons, Paula. They encourage me to keep on. The last few weeks I've been reviewing the scripture I've memorized this year. Scripture memory was my one new year's resolution.