How to Release Control

I was a control freak.  I’m not sure what broke me from it.  Perhaps it was rooted in feeling fiercely disappointed when I tried to control the outcome and yet still things didn’t turn out ‘right’.  Perhaps it was a result of perceived failure, taking fault upon myself when the circumstance I tried so hard to control didn’t turn out as I expected.  Or perhaps it has just been a part of my Father’s work, gradually transforming me into the image of His Son, teaching me to release control to Him, but not in a way that makes me passive.  I still have to buck control-freak tendencies sometimes, but here are some ways to release control into His hands:

1)   Insulate yourself from power brokers (people who make you want to keep track of how well you are doing or who you want to impress).

2)   Make decisions as a result of listening to the Spirit of God and obeying rather than just on what is expected or what makes sense or what you want.

3)   Die to yourself and to your neurotic tendencies to manage and protect everything. But remember – the main point isn’t in dying but in the living that comes from dying to self.

4)   Live in today, humbly receiving that comes your way instead of pining for more stuff or a better future.

5)   Let God work.  He is working, so abandon yourself to Him fully each day without holding back.

This post was inspired by Francois Fenelon’s writing “Let God”. Thank you, my friend John, for giving me this book!

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