Raising Boys by Design - Book Review

Boys are such different creatures.  My son’s voice has deepened and he has a little hair growing above his lip, and I am in awe at the sudden changes since he turned 13.  He likes to stand close to me and see if he is taller. We currently stand eye-to-eye.  And I wonder, what does this evolving man-creature need from me to become all God designed him to be?  It was because of this that I chose to read Raising Boys by Design: What the Bible and Brain Science Reveal about What You Son Needs to Thrive, by Gregory L. Jantz and Michael Gurian.

Dr. Jantz is a certified psychologist with a doctorate in counseling, and Michael Gurain is a clinician and counselor who claims expertise in brain science.  Through research and experience, they show how boys develop differently from girls, the roles that mothers and fathers play in development, and what boys need.  Without trying to fit every boy (or girl) into a box, they are able to bring insight into how boys generally think and learn while noting exceptions.  They discuss issues we may encounter in the education system that may be difficult for many boys.  After providing the information, they then help you design the path for your son’s journey to manhood. 

This book is not just information, but includes strategies to help you design a plan of action in raising your son that takes into account his own unique design from a biblical perspective.  At the end of each chapter, the author provides bullet lists of “next steps” to consider and put into practice.

My favorite parts of the book were chapters dealing with measuring the impact of technology in your son’s life, a big issue we are still trying to wrap our heads around how to handle.  I also found the chapter on the journey of faith and how to grow boys spiritually extremely enlightening and practical.

Whether you are a new parent or have a teenage boy, you too may find this book both informative and practical in providing additional tools to your parenting toolbox.  Click on the following links for additional information:

 I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Waterbook Multnomah Publishing in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Hi Paula! How great you were asked to review a book you could really use! (Or maybe they knew that already?)

    It's so wonderful that books exist like this to teach us all how to be better parents. Everyone would welcome that :)

    Peace in Christ,

  2. I need to read this...
    My youngest boy is going through this obsession with digital games.. It's not unique to me so I have recently learnt.. I just have to control his time on it.