Seeing the Wolf

Sometimes I plod through the mundane routines of life with my eyes half closed, assuming without contemplating, surviving without experiencing, skimming the surface without searching the depths.

Years ago, I displayed a stereogram picture in my office – one of those two-dimensional kind that if you stare at it just right, it turns into a completely different scene.  Co-workers would stop and stare at the multiple images of a wolf in rows, a rather uninteresting picture on the surface.  After staring for a few moments, they would suddenly exclaim when the repeating wolf heads changed into a completely different scene - a wolf standing on a cliff (or howling, or something, I don't recall).  I never could see it, no matter how hard they tried to explain it or outline it for me.  I would stare at it for hours hoping to see what everyone else could see, but I never could.

I don’t want to skim along the shallow surface and miss reality.  God wants us to open our eyes, search the depths, look beyond preconceived notions and live beyond a limited faith packed neatly in a tight little box.  I want to live surrounded by “aha” moments.  I want to see the link between His Word and the circumstances around me, to hear Him speaking into my heart, like those “aha” moments when my co-workers suddenly saw something completely different from a changed perspective.  I want to live like I am seeing the wolf standing on a cliff, perceiving beyond the obvious.


  1. HI Paula! Great analogy! I used to love those pictures, I had a book of them. My poor daughter could never see anything because of her eye problems, but I loved them. I think they were called Magic Eye.

    I wish we could both have Magic Eyes! God give us the grace to see what he intends in every moment, and to see what is really happening.

    Good to see you!

  2. How interesting, I just came from reading this last post about 'falling away'
    and it almost sounds similar in idea to see more and feel more.. to live beyond.

    I keep thinking that unless I master the basics of staying strong and absolute in my faith and trust ..I probably will not be able to move beyond..

  3. God speaks but I think I don't listen enough to hear him.. too much noise (busy) Martha the Gospel. Hard to be more like Mary.

  4. Oh, I'm with you, Paula! I want to see the link between His Word and my circumstances! I look every day for something around me that I can record in my Gratitude "aha" moments, if you will.

    I was over at Ceil's and saw your blog link on her side bar. The title of your post brought me right over. I'm so glad I stopped in. Have a wonderful Lord's day!