Unglued Devotional - Book Review

How do you react when others irritate you, disappoint you, or criticize you? Whether it’s your kids, co-workers, or the slow driver on the street, how easily do you come unglued? And when you do, how to you react/respond?  Do you stuff it, or do you explode, or something in between?
Lysa Terkeurst knows what it feels like to live life unglued and admits to her emotions and reactions often being messy in her book UnGlued Devotional: 60 Days of Imperfect Progress.  She doesn’t claim to be a hero who has all the answers.  She is a friend who has been there, who is there, and understands.  She lets you see how imperfect she is, reminds you of truths to cling to, and extends mercy and grace when you fail.
In a sense, this is sort of her “hope” journal as she expresses her continual need for her Savior and for grace and mercy.  Each of the 60 days begins with a daily scripture verse and thought for the day. The devotional section includes biblical truths shared compassionately and empathetically with stories of her struggles. Each day then ends in a closing heart-felt prayer.
She describes progress as slow steps wrapped in grace. We will face set-backs and do-overs throughout life, but it is progress as long as the line keeps moving forward, even if just a little bit.  She includes an analysis in the appendix to you in determining if you are a stuffer or exploder. This book appears to be a companion book to Unglued, but can certainly be read independently. If anything, it might raise your interest in reading the book where she takes these topics deeper.
If you find yourself struggling with emotional cycles rooted in the past, Lysa Terkeurst offers hope for change in this devotional book.  While bringing you into time with Jesus, she shows how to make emotions work for you instead of against you.  If your emotional reactions need transformation in your life, I recommend this book as a great start. She will not only provide you with instruction, but also grace and reassurance to keep you moving forward enough to make progress, even if it is imperfect.
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan Publishing in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I've been curious about this book. This is a devotional based on the book,I understand. Is it short, daily readings?

  2. Yes, this is the devotional book with about 3 short pages of readings per day for 60 days. I have not read the actual book "Unglued", but as a result of reading the devotional, I am interested!

  3. I so get this. I just came from 'Gentle Recovery' a similar topic.. Sometimes the grace we need doesn't descend quite as fast and evasive tactics need to be taken.
    Because I can't seem to control my irritation around a senior collegue at work, I think to myself I shall just try to avoid being in her presence as much as possible to reduce negative thoughts. I suppose it's a strategy of keep the devil at bay until I can forget or forgive.

    Praying for grace to respond well in any situation.