Just Like Jesus - Book Review

God loves us exactly the way we are, but He refuses to leave us there.  He loves us enough to live within us, to make our hearts His home.  He loves us enough to want us to become more like Him, little by little.  This is Max Lucado’s theme in his book Just Like Jesus: A Heart Like His.

This book is light reading that reminds us of God’s love and why He wants to transform us. He tackles the issues of forgiveness, compassion, truthfulness, and worship as he shows how God changes our hearts to become more like His. The last quarter of the book includes a study guide that encourages discussion and sharing with a friend or a small group.

This book isn’t deep, but it is good.  And it’s not theoretical; it’s practical.  When I finished this book, what stuck with me most was that every moment of our day is a potential time of communion with God. We can give him the “wasted” moments – sitting at stoplights, waiting in lines.  We can give God our whispering thoughts.  We can turn our commutes into a pilgrimage.  Max shows how to start your day, end your day, and keep Him in it all in between.  As we draw closer to God, He changes us, gradually making us more like Jesus.   

If you are looking for something light and easy to read, this one will draw you closer to God with biblical truth.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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