How Does God Change Me?

How do I change? How does God change me? If God is doing the changing, what am I responsible for?
This gradual transformation is not up to us to do on our own.  The Holy Spirit is the source of change.
This gradual transformation is not something we just sit back and wait to happen.  We have to be willing to follow the Spirit's leading.
Change is like bread dough. We have to have both the yeast and the flour working together in order for it to become bread. In order to be transformed, we also need a couple of ingredients - both the Holy Spirit, and our willingness to follow (even if we don't do it so well). Both kneaded together.

The rising process is lengthy.  It's a lifelong process. It begins when we take the hand of Jesus and choose to follow Him, when we receive His gift of forgiveness through His work on the cross. When we take His hand, we join a lifelong partnership.  The yeast must have the flour.
The flour must have the yeast.  The flour can't become bread all by itself, no matter how hard it works at it.  Gradual transformation is not about trying to be better. It is surrendering. Not a resentful surrendering that says, “whatever, you win,” but rather, a joyful surrendering that says, “what ever, however, I want your way because it’s better than mine." It is about allowing the Holy Spirit to change us.  And it is obedience to Him.   


  1. Good post. We can allow ourselves to get discouraged and despair if we focus on our failures. If we look, there probably are areas we have experienced change and growth. And, it does take time.