A Transforming Thought...

Change isn’t coming like some big sweeping force over you, or like a large blanket. Here is how it IS coming: It’s arriving one adjustment at a time, bit by bit, measured progress on specifics(quoted from James MacDonald in Lord Change Me, page 66)
Three steps forward, two (and-a-half) steps back – sometimes the progress of becoming more like Jesus seems so miniscule that I wonder if I’m changing at all.  Or once I find I'm making progress in one area, there are three others revealed to me that need a lot of work.  But when I look at the specifics, the things I struggle with and the things I am handling better as I pass through various seasons of life, I can see that Jesus is changing me. 
Today at work, I was commended for having a positive attitude and being even-tempered, not letting things get to me. I had to look backwards over my shoulder to see if someone else was the object of the compliment.  So maybe, maybe sometimes this negative, cynical, critical, emotionally-ruled old self is being transformed -- one adjustment at a time, bit by bit, until eventually it becomes noticable. 
What is God working on in you?

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