How to Prepare for the Journey in 3 Easy Steps

Be prepared in 3 easy steps? If only it were that easy!
I am preparing for another big event in my life – something I dreamed for, longed for, and prayed for over the last 2 ½ years, something that seemed wild and impossible, something that required difficult circumstances to bring it to fruition.  I know God placed the desire on my heart way back then, but I also know that if I am not spiritually prepared, it could shatter my world into pieces.  It is complex, delicate, holds so much promise but also much potential for heartache.  

I so desperately want to be prepared. 
I have 3 weeks. 
Is there something systematic I can do? A certain book of the Bible I should study in depth for this season? A Bible study that will prepare me? A list that I can check off so that when I’m done, I know I’m ready for all that God has in store for us?
As far as I know, there is no system, no list to check off.  The Holy Spirit has been repeating to me that there is only one thing I must do: depend completely on Him -- keeping my eyes on Jesus.  How?
  Pour out your dependence on God daily
  Continue in conversation with Him throughout the day
  Be open to Scripture He lays on your heart to meditate on or memorize
  Turn your uncertainties and worries into gratitude and worship
  Meditate on His character, His ways and His promises
But what if I also practiced these through the humdrum activities in my daily life?  How much do I miss by not paying attention to what God is doing when I'm on auto-pilot? 
If I can turn these preparations into habits in my life - all the time, every day, every moment - then maybe I can be in ready-mode for anything. If I do, I will open my eyes to what God is already doing, and be a part of it.  My life will be fuller and richer in the routine and mundane of daily life as well as the life-changing events. I want the abundant life! 


  1. Paula these are great steps to follow by. I so appreciate you sharing them, thank you. Perfect timing. Love the auto pilot quote. Blessings.

  2. Strange how paths cross at just the right time! I'm so glad I'm here today! These steps are perfect, and perfect for ME! Thank you so much. I read back a little on your past posts, and want to "catch up!" Looking forward to following along on the journey!