Preparing for Something Big

How do you prepare for a journey?  A big season of change that you know is coming in your life? Something tough, something life-changing?  Is it even possible to be prepared?
The evening before a procedure that held the potential for diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness, I leaned hard on God to prepare me for the news, whatever it would be.  I could imagine how I wanted to be afterwards, how I would react, the character I would display while making my God look great.  But my follow-through of courage and strength is never quite what I imagined. 
Easier said than done, and easier planned than achieved, even though I had the opportunity to practice this more than once.  Still, the best memory of those times is knowing that God was holding me close to His heart because I was wholly dependent on Him.
In other big events, joyful ones - a family vacation, a special anniversary, pregnancy and new motherhood of my second child - I sowed the time to spiritually prepare my heart and God allowed me to reap multi-dimensional rewards.  Even now, a significant aspect of cherishing these memories is the remembrance of the closeness of God during those times because I sought hard to center my heart on Him during these events. 
Whether it be something dreadful, like facing the possibility of cancer, or joyful, like a new addition to the family, being spiritually 'prepared' prevents me from being short-sighted, disappointed, or empty when expectations are unmet.  Whether joyful or tragic, when spiritually centered on Jesus, I can see what He is doing.  Now I know that if I can stay centered on God, He will:
·     Open my eyes to the revelations that He has prepared to give me
·     Show me a new facet of His character and deeper understanding of His ways
·     Draw me into deeper intimacy with Him as I feel Jesus walking alongside me
·     Connect me with others  to grow relationships
·     Grow my faith as I watch for His hand at work in the event
·     Develop new character and courage in me
I want more!  I want to be prepared to receive more.   As I prepare for and embark on another journey and spend time reflecting, no doubt this list will be extended.
The older I get, the more journeys I glimpse that are waiting on the horizon – menopause, high school graduations, empty nest, weddings, sickness, funerals, and other things that I cannot even imagine.  I want God to do all the things I have listed above in all the events of my life.  How can I be prepared?  I’m pondering the answer for my next post…


  1. As I see it, life is the "something big." It is eternal. We prepare for life, as God meant for it to be for us, by living it because life prepares us for our Lord.

  2. I agree -- Life itself is a journey and preparation for our Lord. But sometimes we come across mountains that need special gear to climb without being injured, and we need the eyes to see the spectacular view. But even on the easier paths, the routines of daily life, I should pay more attention to what He is doing.

  3. I can't wait for the next post! I agree that being prepared to accept what He has for me really helps for me to hold my own expectations loosely, knowing that He will be there by my side every step of the way.

  4. What a great post. "Open my eyes to the revelations that God wants to show me." I love that. That is my prayer whenever I go for a small journey (a walk). I need to be aware of that when I am journey-ing through my moments constantly.

  5. My goodness I think the Lord is working on all of us during these wonderful and strange times.

    I too have no idea what God has for me on the horizon... I wait.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Good to stay in touch!

  6. Paula, this was so encouraging to me . . . I need to remain focused and put your suggestions into practice. I need a more consistent awareness of God's presence in my life . . . I need more of Him! Praying for you sister. May the Lord strengthen you in every way.