One Way My Husband Will Never Be Like God

19 years ago today, I foolishly jumped into a commitment with a man I barely knew.  Having met him only 10 months prior, I only grasped a tiny fraction of who he was as I proclaimed that I would love and cherish him the rest of my life.  Only by the grace of God, he happened to be an even better man than I ever imagined at the time, because my historical choices of guys usually moved the other direction. 
Over the years, we both have changed – dare I say - almost to the point that we are not even the same people.  Again, only by the grace of God have we changed in ways that cause us to fall even more in love with each other, and despite each other too.
If I had married my husband knowing he’d never change, could I be happy? I might think I know everything about him by now, but periodically he surprises me.  The fact that he is also continually changing gives promise to adventure ahead rather than a life of complacency and boredom. 
So the fact that God never changes, is that a good thing?  Hebrews 13:8 claims Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Is the sameness of Jesus boring?  Hardly!  I only know a tiny fraction of all that God is.  While it will take all of eternity for me to know Him, I know that He will only become more and more wonderful – and there will never be something disappointing to discover.
The fact that my husband is mutable and that God is immutable is one respect that they will never be alike, and this is strangely a perfect thing.


  1. Congratulations for the last 19 years. Many blessings for the next 19 and beyond.

    Sometimes, like you, I'm so glad the differences between humans and God!

  2. "...and this is strangely a perfect thing."

    I like the way you wrote this.

    May God bless you with a very enjoyable anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary and many more beautiful years of transformation and deeper love and intimacy to you both!

  4. Hey,, I came by to visit you via a friend and fellow blogger. My name is Karen, co~author of and I wanted to swing by and introduce ourselves ..We have meet so many wonderful christian woman via the blogging world.. Hope you can swing by a visit us some time soon.. I enjoyed your post, and look forward to becoming Blogging Buddies as well.. Have a great and blessed day..

  5. Another good post. I like your twist at the end about mutable ... immutable. Through married life we are leaving, cleaving and weaving (an article I have posted now).

    And happy anniverary.