Letter to MarMar - #1 - August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013

Dear MarMar,

It was a month ago that you arrived at our home for a two-week summer vacation.  I remember the hugs and tears of reunion with my daughter Emily and how your suitcase exploded in the middle of her room, firing clothes in every direction. 

It had been five years since we moved away, and immeasurable amounts of water of change have flowed under the bridge.  In your eyes I could see both defiance and vulnerability, and my heart melted all over again with love for you, as it had when you were 6.

One quiet morning when no one was around, I knelt on the floor, laid hands on your suitcase, and prayed fervently for you.  A beautiful young lady of 17, you knew how smart and beautiful you were most days, but you were blind to your own strength and vitality.  You were stuck in a relationship that was dragging you through the mud, and you wanted to let go, but couldn’t.  I prayed that Jesus would set you free. 

On July 30, God showed me that I needed to be ready to go where He leads in the moment, that it may not be in my schedule or at my convenience, but that He would use our home as the place of refuge that would release you from the chains of bondage.  It didn’t hardly seem possible at the time.  I knew if it were meant for you to be here, God would do a miraculous work of shoveling away all the obstacles.

And He did. 

And now you are here. You are a part of our home, a part of our family. I pray that you will feel peace, joy, love, that you will find freedom and that you will fall in love with Jesus. I know the days ahead will be long and difficult, for both of us, but I am excited to see what will emerge from the refining fire.

With much love,


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