Watershed Moments - Book Review

An epiphany; that moment when faith and understanding collide; a personal “holy of holies” where insight flows and new faith beckons; that unexpected moment that moves us to new ways of thinking, relating, discerning, and accepting life’s challenges; that point in time when we sense His presence and He impacts us with a truth -- these are “watershed” moments, which alter our personal history and the course of our lives.

I didn’t know what to call these moments until I came across Gari Meacham’s Watershed Moments: Turning Points That Change the Course of our Lives.  In her book, she shows how God uses watershed moments of change, awareness, and restoration. She shows also how watershed moments can be used to loosen our needs for control and approval and how watershed moments can be used to empower us to face evil with the courage to conquer. 

Gari Meacham reveals her watershed moments from vulnerable and difficult parts of her past, and she tells it in such a way that you experience both the hurts and the healings with her as she tells her story.  She weaves in Bible narratives and characters along with stories of other women she has encountered in ministry.

I had a watershed moment in my life as I finished reading the book and knew that God had timed it into my life to help me make sense of of the unexpected circumstance.  I knew I had a choice how to react, and through Gari Meacham's encouragement, she opened my eyes to intentionally reacting based on my faith in God and His sovereignty, to let Him teach me as I rounded the curve of this undesired change in my life. Suddenly I saw it as an opportunity for God to speak into this change, and as a result, this watershed moment became my personal “holy of holies”. 

At this time of my life, I really enjoyed reading this book, even though I didn’t find many new ideas, except for the concept of a “watershed moment”.  The book is easy to read and not very deep (quotes from Rick Warren and other popular authors), but is uplifting and encouraging.  I would recommend this book for women who want to find meaning in those watershed moments, especially those younger in their faith, to understand how God speaks into our lives and in our circumstances.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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