Letter to MarMar - #3, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013

Dear MarMar,

It seems extra quiet here without you, though the ring of your laughter still echoes.  You have no idea how much I care because I cannot adequately express it without feeling dorky. 

You left for winter break a few days ago to be with your family in Texas.  I imagine it is an emotional time and that you are facing some ghosts. Remember how strong you have become.  Remember what you have found while you are here, even as hard as it has been.

Remember the vision I shared with you? You were standing on the beach, looking up at the sky, fists balled up and ready for a fight.  God then sent a hurricane-force wind and your long hair whipped around you and your hands opened up as you fought to stand your ground. But God wasn’t trying to destroy you or knock you down. The hurricane force of His love was penetrating every fiber of your being, and you finally relented. 

MarMar, when (if?) you come back for your last semester of high school, I will pray fervently for you every day that your chains will be broken, and I will know it’s not my job to do it.  I will let God do His work.

With much love,


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