Stripped: When God's Call Turns from "Yes!" to "Why Me?" - Book Review

Do you know the feeling of disappointment that comes with realizing that your destiny doesn’t line up with your dreams?  I know the feeling of God calling me to do something, and when I followed with obedience and passion, found myself on a totally different trajectory than where I thought He was taking me and wondering what He was doing.

Lina Abujamram, a pediatric ER doctor, felt called to full-time ministry and had dreams of the joys of serving Him with her life, but things didn’t go according to her expectations.  When I found her book Stripped, When God’s Call Turns from “Yes!” to “Why Me”, I couldn’t wait to read it, and I wasn’t disappointed.  From the first page of her book, I felt like I was having a cup of coffee with a good friend as she shared her story and lessons learned, and she helped me understand God's transforming process and gave me some excellent thoughts to ponder.

The idea of being stripped by God means the process that every follower of Jesus Christ must go through in order to become more like Christ and better equipped for His use.  Lina - I’ll call her by her first name because she feels like my friend, though I had never heard of her before this book – tells the story of her own stripping process as well as stories of others. 

Lina doesn’t just share relatable stories about the stripping process.  She biblically explains the obstacles to hearing God’s call, reasons He makes us wait, temptations we face in the waiting, the traps of pride and how God strips us of it, the comforts that hinder us, wrong expectations, how to go on in endurance, etc. 

Lina showed me that God’s purpose for me is not to do more for Him or gain more ground for Him. That is His business. God’s goal for me has always been simply to follow Jesus, to become more Christlike, to live by faith – no matter what, no matter where.

I highly recommend this book for every Christian woman who wants to understand God’s transforming process in her life.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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