Fast Food or Gourmet Bible?

As a young teenage girl, I was obsessed with horoscopes to guide my day, eagerly searching them out each morning in the newspaper.  A good friend pointed out that this daily practice was an offense to God (though she never really explained why).  In an effort to find an acceptable alternative, I copied my favorite verses from Proverbs onto tiny pieces of paper, rolled them up, tied them each with a colorful piece of yarn and placed them in a small glass jar.  When the jar was full, each morning I would pull one out at random to read and live by for the day instead of reading my horoscope. 
I wonder what God thought of my fortune cookie approach to His Word? Are one-verse devotional readings, promise books, and verse-a-day calendars the same thing – like spiritual fortune cookies? Ways we seek to get a faith fix?  What does God think when I use a fast food approach to His Word? 
I know a fast food diet is unhealthy, but it is readily available and quickly eaten.  A steady diet of fast food would wreak havoc on my heart and arteries. Maybe God wants me to approach the Bible more like a gourmet meal – savoring the flavor, chewing it slowly and enjoying it.
Perhaps a verse with a pithy devotional has its place – a few minutes in a busy day to focus my thoughts on God and to open my heart to hear Him speak.  But He also wants me to take the time to study His Word – the complete passages in context, that I may be able to think God’s thoughts after Him instead of imposing my own ideas on the meaning of a single sentence.
I yearn to be so nourished by His Word that it fills my mind, directs my feet, and gradually transforms me.   A burger and fries are alright sometimes, but I would rather have almond butter chicken and Caesar salad.


  1. Interesting analogy, but to me one simple verse would be more of an appetizer...just a thought.

    On another note, I have always been surprised by how many professed Christians read their horoscopes and I think your alternative to wean off that dependency was honoring to the Lord.

  2. A simple verse as an appetizer - great analogy!! Wish I had thought of that! Thank you for your encouraging remark about how I weaned off horoscopes. I am my own worst critic.

  3. love this parallel!! I, too, was a horoscope reader back in the day...before I met Jesus! Praise God He has our days numbered and takes care of all the details---so i am freed from having to "figure it all out" or at least LIKE i have it all figured out! :)