Secrets of the Vine for Women - Book Review

Do you want to live beyond yourself, letting go of your agenda and your control so that you can receive what God has for you?  Secrets of the Vine for Women, by Darlene Wilkinson, is full of encouragement and advice on how to live fruitfully for God.

In six short chapters, the author provides three secrets of the vine that result in greater fruitfulness, service, and impact of your life for God.  Each chapter begins with a brief fictional scene about a young woman returning to her childhood home where she rejoices with her papa at the abundance of grapes from his vineyard.  Based on John 15, she portrays followers of Christ as the branches of the vine and God as the passionate, attentive vinedresser, who has a goal in mind as we face every circumstance in lives.  Even more, God cares about our fruitfulness and wants to take us to the next level.  This little book shows us how God carries us to the next level and gives practical advice on how to abide with Him.  A short study guide in the back provides topics for reflection and application of the concepts in the book, which would also offer thought-provoking sharing in small group discussion.

I found this simple book to be uplifting and inspiring.  The author did not make me feel guilty for not doing enough or for not achieving success through measurable outcomes.  She re-aligned my perspective, showing me that we bear fruit NOT by doing more or serving more, but by pursuing intimacy with God.  She states that "our opportunities don't very often require a platform, an extraordinary talent, or an unusual opportunity."  All that is required is a heart that abides and a heart that is ready.

I want to abide every day, every moment, so that everything else I do daily is just something I'm doing while I am abiding. I want to be attuned to Jesus and His purposes for me.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Waterbook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for a review.  The opinions expressed herein are my own.

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