More on Fear of Being Undignified

The Bible is always relevant and applicable to my needs, but I am awed when God places other books in my life and words from wise Christ followers that supplement what He is trying to show me.  

I just finished reading a book that connected with my previous posting "Fear of Being Undignified".  Erwin McManus explains how we resist love to avoid pain and squelch our dreams out of fear of failure.  When we turn our hearts toward God, all of our fears are consumed by one fear - the fear of God only.

He also says that what we fear is what we are subject to.  Our fears define our master.  Where there is no fear, there is no control.  When we fear God, we in essence begin to live a life where we are fearless. If we are to be like Jesus, we must always risk for love.  We are invited to follow Him with reckless abandon.

I would rather be undignified in expressing love than for my heart to grow cold and uncaring. I want to have only one fear.

Book review to follow soon! 

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