Spiritual Amnesia

I experienced a case of spiritual amnesia during the busy work days this week.  Yesterday, at the end of the long hard day, I heard a song on the radio as I was driving home that proclaimed the glorious name of Jesus.  My heart sang with joy at hearing His name! Then it dawned on me, as all my memory came back, that I had gone through the entire work day most days this week without even thinking of His name consciously, let alone experiencing His continued presence with brief prayers of thanksgiving or intercession.  I had started my mornings in His Word, so what happened to me? Even more, how often has this happened to me and I never even noticed?
Busyness? Normally, I sit behind a desk and computer, writing or critiquing technical reports.  My thoughts easily turn to Him as I am surrounded by reminders like my memory verse flashcard or devotional emails in my inbox.  The quietness and peacefulness is also conducive to allowing my mind to wander toward Him. 
This week, I worked outside, overseeing a crew with a drill rig and mobile lab to delineate a contaminated groundwater plume.  My mind was continually spinning with new data and decisions throughout the days as we fought to work against violently gusty winds and rain.  One day, when the sun popped out for a few minutes and a bird flew overhead, my thoughts slowed down enough to notice and turn toward God, but only momentarily.
Subconsciously I know He was with me all day, but I had missed out on the sense of abiding in Him, the blessing of asking and allowing Him to guide my steps and decision.  Still, the sweetness of hearing His name reminded me He was continuing to pursue me and was always with me, whether I acknowledged it or not.  While I am ashamed that I experience spiritual amnesia from time to time, I know He forgives me and accepts me as I am through the righteousness of Jesus.  This week’s case of spiritual amnesia reminds me to ask Him to daily open my eyes to Him, to seek Him all day long, and to treasure the abiding relationship that He wants to have with me.   

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