"Max on Life" - Book Review

My teenage daughter has asked questions like “why would a loving God send people to hell?” and “is it awful that I don’t look forward to Jesus coming back until I get married and have children?”  I was delighted to find simple yet satisfying answers that my children and friends ask about God’s ways and how we should live in Max Lucado’s book  Max on Life.  
This book is a compilation of 172 questions asked of the author throughout his life in his pastoral and writing ministry, encompassing a wide range of topics from general and light-hearted to specific and thought-provoking. Questions are divided into seven categories that include topics such as God’s character and ways, pain and suffering, spiritual growth, relationships, parenting, finances, and the afterlife.  A topical index is included in the back of the book for quick reference.  The author’s answers fill one page or less, yet are specific, succinct, and easily understandable through his use of illustrations.  His responses, supported by Scripture, are permeated with acceptance and love and are never harsh or judgmental. 
I read this book from cover to cover, but I recommend thumbing through it and using it more as a reference book.  It is not scholarly or deeply theological but presents the truth with plenty of Scriptural support.  Whether you are a Max Lucado fan or not, this book is different than his other writings (fewer fragmented sentences) while retaining his voice and personality.  I recommend this enjoyable and useful book to parents, teachers, people with inquisitive minds, or people who know people who have inquisitive minds about God’s ways and want to be able to give loving and concise answers. 
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