I Am His - Book Review

Having just finished a profound book probing the identity and works of Jesus and the presence and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, it was refreshing to pick up this simple book that focuses on the third person of the Trinity – the Father.  In I am His: Experiencing the Comfort of Abba’s Love, Rita J. Platt guides us through an eight-week devotional journal on our relationship to God as our comforting yet powerful Abba Father.  Each week is divided into five parts: an introductory illustration, pondering related Scripture verses, reflection, and response.
The author explains that even though our view of our earthly fathers impacts how we may think of our Heavenly Father, we can expand beyond the tangible examples in our lives to understand what a perfect Father is like, only found in God – our Abba.  He is more than all the strengths of our earthly fathers and has none of the weaknesses. 
This book is easy to read, personable, and is easily studied in possibly four weeks instead of eight, even if you reflect on and respond to every exercise she recommends for application, worship and prayer.  It helped me to think of God as my personal Abba, Father, in a concrete way when I meet with Him.  However, for me, this book lacked theological depth and pulls Scripture verses from all over the Bible to match the topic, not a practice that I favor.
I recommend this book especially for those who have a hard time thinking of God as Father, particularly because their earthly fathers were absent, disappointing, or abusive in some manner.  For those, like me, who think fondly of their earthly fathers who sought to follow hard after God, this book is still a good tool to opening ourselves to the fathering of God as Abba/Daddy. 
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