In Christ Alone - Book Review

Jesus did not come to make our lives more pleasant or to add something to life.  He came on a deliverance mission to save us and destroy the works of Satan.  In the book In Christ Alone, by Sinclair Ferguson, a theologian and pastor, I found a treasure that deepened my understanding of Jesus Christ as Savior, the meaning of the cross, and how this affects living out my faith in daily life.
While the book is divided into six parts, the 50 chapters essentially could be divided into two sections:  doctrinal and practical.  The doctrinal section is biblically sound, interesting and enlightening (not as dry as the word “doctrine” may sound).  The identity, revelation, fulfillment, and works of Jesus are explained in a way that will cause you to fall deeper in love with Him.  One of my favorite parts was the examination of how Christ is the key to understanding the Old Testament using the book of Hebrews.  The identity of the Holy Spirit is also well-described in His deliverance, power, and empowering.  He asks, “Does the indwelling of the Spirit seem a poor substitute for Jesus Himself?” (p. 119), and he answers this in such a way that your heart will soar at how blessed you are to be on this side of the cross.    
The second half of the book is richly practical.  The author addresses the privileges that are ours in Christ and the importance of studying His Word.  The life of faith is not in looking for the extraordinary and miraculous, but in being so nourished by the Word of God that you are energized in living in light of what it says.  Faith is more than understanding, but expressing the melody of the gospel in your lifestyle.  He explains how to deal with sin in your life, how to live in a holy and right manner, how enjoying our assurance of our salvation can lead to living to God’s glory and pleasure, how to tackle temptation and put sin to death in your life, how to live faithfully for Christ in a faithless world, and much more. 
I found a gold mine in this book and it is now my new all-time favorite book next to the Bible! This is the kind of book you can read over and over.  It is not for speed reading, but rather for mulling over one chapter at a time, savoring each bite before swallowing and taking the next one.  I only have a PDF copy to review and cannot wait to get the complete bound book in my hands so that I can read it again and highlight or underline all the things I want to remember for the rest of my life.  I give this book 10 stars out of 5!!
I received this book free from Reformation Trust in exchange for a review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission.

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